Welcom in the garden of the city of Liège

The region

At the gateway to the Ardennes, the Ourthe-Vesdre-Amblève is often considered to be the garden of the city of Liège. When you leave the Cité Ardente, you enter a green rural region full of serenity.

As its name suggests, the Ourthe-Vesdre-Amblève is situated in the valleys of the Ourthe, Vesdre and Amblève rivers. Over the centuries, these rivers have carved out valleys and fashioned breathtaking views.

Man has naturally settled here, bringing the stone to life to build typical villages and majestic castles.

The Ourthe-Vesdre-Amblève offers a variety of tourist attractions for everyone’s enjoyment and nature is not the least of them; a region of excellence to be explored without moderation on foot, on horseback or by bicycle.

There are a thousand things to see and do in Ourthe-Vesdre-Amblève, land of conviviality…


Le Monde Sauvage

Safari Parc from Aywaille

No need to fly far or pay a lot …
Embark on your safari in the Wild World, only 25 km from Liege!

By small train or by car, you will discover in our zoo a real African safari with its giraffes, elephants, hippos, rhinoceros, zebras, wildebeest and many other species in a natural setting, designed to allow them to evolve in semi-liberty.

Discover also the South American area, the aviaries, the dome and its Mayan temple, the big cats and bears, the North American forest, the monkey and lemur island, …


But also